Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Panera Bread Clip Art How Much Is A Loaf Or Roll Of Panera Bread?

How much is a loaf or roll of Panera Bread? - panera bread clip art

I have a bachelor party and want the soup and serve some of Panera Bread, maybe the French bread or something, how does a bar? As Doe free bagels? We have a Panera in a village about 50 miles. Please help! Thank you!


Culinari... said...

They are $ 2.49 here in South Florida, but I would say first check. The bagels are $ 0.89 here, but you will get offers if purchased in large quantities. Once again, I would ask. Especially when you are ready to make the drive for a special event. You can call and 3 days before your appointment and have everything they want to do. If you do not call 3 days before, but can, but it will take your order and order in the oven. (The bakery supplies for the night, three days earlier.)

hugsandh... said...

omg i died when I was there this week they had increased the prices of each bread, like a dollar per piece! The 669 is like sourdough bread for a big one!
My tomato and basil bread, the best you have to prove it!
It was like 469?
.. Recall
I live on the beach and things are a little more than to say that the prices WVA or Ohio?
fla / destiny is where I am.
you can do better for the fresh or Publix to make wonderful bread!
Theres also spray Walmart every wonderful bread for dipping in the soup!
Sesame seeds and is different from other species.

Ihaschee... said...

Call and ask.
Do you really want to 50 miles for a loaf of French bread drive?

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